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Ajotek Oy is an importing company established in 1994. We offer high quality and cost-effective products from the market leaders in their field. Compared to mineral oil, our long-lasting PANOLIN lubricants can reduce costs to a fraction, protect the environment, save non-renewable resources and energy, and reduce CO2 emissions. Products include:

PANOLIN Lubricants

PANOLIN AG is a Swiss lubricant manufacturer established in 1949 and a global leader in biodegradable lubricants. PANOLIN offers high-tech lubricants technology to the benefit of our customers. Their HLP SYNTH hydraulic fluid does not usually need to be replaced during life of the equipment.


PANOLIN GREENMACHINE is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly lubricant family for example for construction and forestry machinery. It covers all the lubrication needs of the machine.

The concept is based on high-quality saturated synthetic esters and the best possible additives. The characteristics of these environmentally friendly lubricants include:

  • rapid biodegradability, low toxicity
  • synthetic, longevity (longer oil change intervals / lifetime fill)
  • reduces CO2 emissions due to its longevity (compared to mineral oil)
  • reduces CO2 emissions due to its good lubrication properties (lower fuel consumption due to lower friction)


PANOLIN GREENMARINE is an environmentally friendly lubricant family developed especially for ships and vessels. The characteristics of these lubricants include:

  • synthetic, longevity (longer oil change intervals / lifetime fill)
  • safe lubrication (products withstand very high loads)
  • rapid biodegradability, low toxicity, no bio-accumulation, no residual sheen
  • reduces CO2 emissions due to its longevity (compared to mineral oil)

KLEENOIL By-pass Filters

Harmful, abrasive or catalytic impurities, even very small particles up to 1 μm and water, are filtered out in the by-pass with KLEENOIL Microfiltration. This way oils can permanently maintain the best possible cleanliness, guarantee the optimum functionality of the machine and offer best wear protection. 

Products are manufactured by KLEENOIL PANOLIN AG.

Flexxaire Reversible Fan Blades

The world's leading manufacturer of intelligent airflow systems. Systems increase radiator efficiency and reduce fuel consumption and machine downtime.

Flexxaire’s reversible fan blades are designed and built for extreme conditions and high performance. High quality glass filled PAG (nylon) material allows for high temperature ranges from -40°C to 110°C as well as high tip speed, i.e. up to 20,000 FPM.

The design of the blade shape is optimized to deliver maximum airflow and high static pressures needed to meet Tier IV emission requirements.

Multi-Wing Fan & Clutch Solutions

Multi-Wing is the world’s leading expert and dedicated manufacturer of tailor-made axial fans. For over 60 years Multi-Wing has designed and built custom axial fans for radiator and engine cooling, ventilation, air conditioning, heating and refrigeration markets all over the world.

Multi-Wing’s engineered axial fans are comprised of various blade and hub configurations, based on each application’s performance requirements. The key to your success is their innovative modular system that allows them to create a very wide range of axial fans tailor-made for your needs.

With a clutch fitted to the fan it is possible to regulate the speed and thereby optimize the cooling of the engine and at the same time reduce the fuel consumption and noise emission.

BorgWarner (Wahler) Oil Temperature Thermostats

Factory-preset to a fixed temperature range, BorgWarner oil temperature thermostats control the lubricating oil circulation within that range. BorgWarner bought Wahler, whose products remain, but the brand is BorgWarner.

Solimar Fluidizers

Solimar Pneumatics is a leading designer and supplier of aeration systems and engineered components for the dry bulk material handling industry and the originators of the disk-type pneumatic fluidizer.

Solimar services hundreds of customers worldwide with thousands of applications in silos, over-the-road truck trailers and lorries, intermodal containers, and railcars.

Solimar has 50 years of experience with all material types.

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